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I. How to sign up?

Step 1: Сlick on “Sign up” button in the left top corner of the page;

Step 2: Enter your email address and new password, complete the other required fields also then click “Create my account”. After go to check your mails, because you will receive our letter soon for confirm registration.

Step 3: Open our letter and click the link to complete and verify your registration. Well, now you can sign in your account! After this you also need to to specify more information about yourself    carefully, then you could freely view our products and purchase.

Please, pay your attention!

1. E-mail and phone must be in use as our customer assistants will contact you soon.

2. Don't share your ID or password with extraneous person. 

II. If there are several users in one company, what to do? 

A verified account can be used by several people at the same time, but it's convenient to view products only! If you want to create more accounts to work with our website, please contact our client service.

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